Smith Myers & FlySight Collaboration

ARTEMIS integrates with OpenSight

Global roll out of ARTEMIS mobile phone detection, location and communication sensor continues with FlySight collaboration. This integration can be seen at EUROPEAN ROTORS, the VTOL show and safety conference, 8-10 November 2022, Cologne, Germany.

Smith Myers announces that its ARTEMIS mobile phone identification, geolocation and communication sensor is now available as an integrated airborne search solution with FlySight Open Sight Mission Console software

The agreement combines OpenSIGHT-mc and ARTEMIS for deployment in airborne missions, where the OpenSight augmented reality engine can be used to optimise search results, reduce operator workload and lead to more rapid positive outcomes.

Designed to work with any FlySight options ARTEMIS can detect a mobile phone at extended ranges and provide unique capabilities such as mass-mapping and geofencing.

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Watch the video here where the voiceover explains the integration:

The collaboration is the first between Italian-based FlySight and U.K. based Smith Myers, both already deployed with customers globally across SAR & Disaster Relief applications, across rotary and fixed wing aircraft