Smith Myers ARTEMIS: Advancing Maritime Surveillance with Holistic Data Fusion

Smith Myers ARTEMIS: Advancing Maritime Surveillance with Holistic Data Fusion

Biggleswade, UK — 12th October 2023 —

Author Nick Alford

Lead Systems Integration Engineer

British Antarctic Survey Veteran

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Smith Myers ARTEMIS systems offer a comprehensive solution for Maritime Surveillance, empowering various applications, including Search and Rescue, border control, maritime pollution and marine environment control, fisheries management, vessel traffic management, accident and disaster response, law enforcement, and defence.

Sensor Fusion

ARTEMIS ingeniously and uniquely combines a high-sensitivity Dual Channel AIS receiver and Smith Myers’ proprietary Software Defined Radio (SDR) Cellular transceiver. By fusing vessel identification data (or lack thereof) with onboard Cellular handset identification data, the system gains a powerful insight into vessel passenger and crew occupancy demographics.

The Maritime Automatic Identification System (AIS) serves as an automated tracking system using ship transceivers and is a critical component of vessel traffic services (VTS). AIS data complements marine radar and remains the primary method for collision avoidance in water transport.

Diamond Aircraft DA62 MPP VANGUARD – A Turnkey solution for maritime environment surveillance missions with ARTEMIS on-board

Non-Traditional RF Geolocation

ARTEMIS eschews traditional direction-finding techniques for Cellular location, which are often slow, less accurate over long ranges, and demand multiple antennas. Instead, it relies on two independent and proprietary geolocation methods.

The first leverages GPS, while the second is based on the Cellular Protocol itself and is as accurate as GPS. These techniques operate automatically, delivering swift and precise results through just two compact antennas.  Critical for these operations is the ability to carry out rapid and accurate mass mapping of handsets. The Smith Myers Proprietary cellular protocol geolocation technique offers this capability where no other system can.

Maritime Environment

ARTEMIS has been specifically designed to excel in these challenging airborne environments. Complementing various hardware options, ARTEMIS excels in detecting phones at extended ranges and boasts unique features such as advanced country of origin filtering and geofencing to minimize crew workload. The system operates with automation, speed, and exceptional accuracy, enabling prompt and positive outcomes, even in low light or Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC).

Versatile Design

The compact and versatile design ensures efficient deployment and optimal performance in maritime surveillance applications on manned fixed/rotary wing and unmanned platforms such as the Scheibel S100 CAMCOPTER.