Smith Myers have 35 years of cellular radio systems expertise which includes: Radio design, RF linear power amplifiers, GSM(2G), UMTS(3G), LTE(4G) & 5G(NR) embedded protocol stacks on FPGA/SDR platforms, complex multilayer PCBs, and mechanical enclosures. Our entirely in-house Design, Software and Manufacturing teams have strived for excellence in service and the production of high-quality products. These include satisfying RTCA DO-160G flight qualifications in demanding environmental and EMC/EMI conditions for high profile customers, whilst providing agile and adaptive customer focused synergistic support based on many years of expertise acquired from a range of sectors using experienced and knowledgeable employees.

Platforms for our products range from manned rotary & fixed wing aircraft, unmanned air vehicles, and land based vehicles to portable, hand held devices.

RTCA DO-160G Qualification

Smith Myers Airborne based products are Qualified to RTCA DO-160G / Robust Airborne Rotary Wing Categories and are designed for use in harsh airborne environments on either manned or unmanned platforms. Our dedication to quality ensures a robust, reliable and safe operating experience even under the most demanding conditions. Extreme Environmental, EMC and EMI conditions are fully considered throughout the entire lifecycle of our products, from initial design through production to integration support.


DO-160G Waterproofness, Fluid Susceptibility, Humidity, Salt Fog and Icing


DO-160G Fungus Resistance, Sand and Dust


DO-160G Vibration Testing, Operational Shock and Crash Safety


DO-160G Surge/Spike, Conducted/Radiated Emissions, Conducted/Radiated Susceptibility and ESD

Hardware designed, built and tested in-house.

Our in-house expertise enables us to ensure we have complete understanding of requirements and specific technical resources which allows us to monitor, maintain, and manage projects efficiently and effectively. Our hardware is custom designed by us to ensure complete ownership and accountability, rather than relying on modified off-the-shelf hardware with opaque software.

Coding from a clean slate. Completely bespoke.

Our Clean-Slate approach to software development allows us to deliver our own custom GSM/UMTS/LTE/5GNR/Wi-Fi protocol stacks, tailored to the demanding and unique environments in which they perform. Deep knowledge of the underlying technology provides the capability to fully harness our bespoke hardware to provide class leading performance, whilst remaining agile and responsive to evolving network technologies.