Software Design


We have experience in using a range of DSP devices to implement the complex protocols used in the cellular industries. Our software engineers use a range of tools and compilers to produce code for a range of target processors.

PC Software

Our PC development team can offer extensive knowledge of windows based software to enable them to rapidly implement innovative user-interfaces to client specifications. We can develop software interfaces for custom hardware either directly or via a network interface to allow allow control of the equipment from a remote location.

Real-time Embedded Systems

We can develop equipment and systems using a wide range of embedded micro-processors depending on requirements of the application. While a lot of software can operating without the need for a real-time element we can also select and implement an appropriate real-time operating system if required.

Mobile Devices

We can also offer development for mobile devices, particularly those that use the Android operating system. This provides a portable interface to access equipment either over the cellular network of a local bluetooth interface.