Hardware Design

RF Design

Our radio design team is experienced in the design of all varieties of radio receiver used in the cellular industry. The radios that we use in our own equipment are highly sensitive devices with an excellent performance characteristics. We can use this expertise to develop customized receivers to meet individual needs.

Our electronic design engineers use software design packages to model RF circuits to speed up the prototyping cycle of design. Schematics are electronically transferred to the PCB layout engineers, who will then supply the mechanical design engineers with electronic board shapes to fit to the 3D modelling of the finished equipment.

Analogue Design

Good analogue design is crucial for any application that is expected to operate in the real world. We have a broad experience of designing analogue circuits and use computer simulation techniques where necessary to get the best possible performance from our designs.

Digital Design

Although altimately radios operate in an analogue world most of the signal processing is done in the digital domain. We can handle discrete logic or implement designs using a range of micro-processors from simple 8-bit controllers selected for cost-effective production through to full-featured 32-bit devices.

Field Programmable Devices

FPGA design and simulation is performed using the latest computer techniques to produce fully validated models that can be tested before prototype hardware becomes available. This greatly simplifies the final design and makes it possible to make modifications during the testing phase without the need for extensive hardware changes.