Main Screen


The CSM88xxG GSM Air-Interface Protocol Analyzer provides detailed breakdown and analysis of data transmitted in both directions on the air-interface.

Key functions, all accessible from toolbar at the top of this page are:

Perform a full scan of the selected band and display properties of each valid GSM channel.

Capture all data data on the Broadcast Control Channels (BCCH).

Capture all data on the Common Control Channels (CCCH) including the Random Access Channel (RACH). If the relevant option is selected then follow the transaction to the Standalone Dedicated Control Channel (SDCCH). The receiver will follow a channel hopping sequence if this is implemented by the base station and defined in the associated Immediate Assignment message. 

Stop all monitoring of the selected channel.

The received information is shown in a series of windows which can be selectively enabled or disabled. Click on any window to find out more about the data that can be obtained or use the toolbar at the top of this page to navigate around the functions available.

Display the layer 2 information window

Display the layer 3 information window

Display the Session information window

Display the Power Scan window.

Display the Channel Properties window for the channel currently selected in the Power Scan window.