CSM88xxG Air-Interface Protocol Analyser

Designed for the Network Operator/Equipment Designer

GSM is the largest single protocol used in the cellular industry with around 1 billion users worldwide. The CSM88xxG range of air-interface protocol analysers provide the cellular professional with unprecedented access to the communications protocol used between the GSM base station and mobile.

The Smith Myers GSM Air Interface Protocol Analyser enables a cellular operator to view the information exchange between a cell site base station and a mobile device and to use this to investigate problems with the system configuration.

The equipment will be of use to:

The use of two independent receivers means that it is possible to receive signals from both the uplink and downlink simultaneously and this gives the operator the ability to decode and display the full air interface protocol.

The equipment offers the following functionality:

Download Download CSM88xxG Datasheet in Acrobat Format

See an interactive demo of some of the features of the CSM88xxG >>>

CSM4208/4202 SMS Network Tester

*** under development ***

Designed for the Network Operator/Maintainer

The Smith Myers SMS Network Tester provides network operators with a method of performing background monitoring of SMS message transmission to provide early warning of network faults that have the potential to affect the user experience of the system and revenue generation.

Multiple units can be used together to provide test facilities over a wide area encompassing more thane one MSC or SMSC. The equipment can be used to provide information on the following:

Download Download SMS Network Tester Datasheet in Acrobat Format