Design Consultancy

Our engineers and designers have a wide range of expertise gained in industries such as avionics, military electronics, RF test and measurement, high speed data communications and boast a mix of PhD, MS and BSc qualifications. More importantly they offer engineering experience and skills which cover the whole range of technologies needed to successfully bring a design to market. This includes mechanical design, RF and analogue design, high speed digital and software systems. Our principal areas of expertise are:

Services Hardware

Our team of engineers has experience of many aspects of electronic hardware design in both the analogue and digital domains. RF design forms the backbone of many of our products and we have developed sensitive receivers required for use with many cellular systems. Digital circuit design encompasses everything from basic support circuitry through embedded micro-controllers and large scale integration using field programmable devices. We can pull all of this together to produce the optimum design for your particular project.

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Services Software

Whether your project uses embedded micro-controllers, DSPs or PCs Smith Myers engineers can produce solid code for your application. Our background in the cellular industry means that we have a broad range of experience in the technologies required by modern communication systems. We have particular experience in the development of cellular protocol stacks and software defined radio.

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Services Mechanical Design

The mechanical design of any product is essential to its success. Irrespective of whether that success depends on usability, maintainability or optimisation of the manufacturing process Smith Myers can design the PCBs and packaging to suit your requirements. Our engineers can produce one-off prototypes, small production runs and designs that will stand up to the rigours of everyday use.

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