About Smith Myers

Smith Myers is a UK company specialising in Cellular engineering, designing and manufacturing Cellular measurement equipment for Cellular network operators worldwide.

Smith Myers has been producing application specific Cellular measurement equipment since 1986 and is well regarded around the world for their expertise and quality of equipment.


Tony Smith and Peter Myers had been engaged in freelance design, specialising in high speed data communications. They worked on projects for Digital Speech Interpolation for satellite ground station links (technology now used by Hughes in its ETDMA products), protocol conversion for a TV transmission system, encryption of communication links for banking systems, and many other leading edge applications.

The Design Partnership of Tony Smith and Peter Myers was formally launched in 1985 and began employing staff in 1986. The ART765 was the first cellular design.

Smith Myers Communications Limited was formed in November 1987 from the Design Partnership.

Smith Myers has specialised in the cellular application specific market, and now boasts an array of products designed for the cellular network operator. Network operators have been able to participate in the design process for these projects.

Smith Myers has a policy of continually improving products, particularly responding directly to customer feedback. Because of this close cooperation Smith Myers can boast a fiercely loyal customer base.


Smith Myers regards its biggest asset to be the people within it - they are the heart of the company. The company is strongly engineering biased. The UK team perform most of the design although we also have a software design team in Australia. A qualified engineer at our US office provides pre-sales advice and post-sales support and training to many senior carriers within the US, South America and Canada. The combined experiences of Smith Myers personnel and the culture within Smith Myers, offer the customer and the Cellular industry a source of expertise and support far greater than the sum of the individual parts.


All areas of design are kept within the company to ensure a complete control over every aspect of the design cycle. At the Omega Centre in Biggleswade engineers use the latest in computer modelling techniques. This ensures that we can implement the innovative solutions which keep Smith Myers at the forefront of technology in the highly competitive cellular environment.